You may think that because your new vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s warranty you are unable to take advantage of JMH’s competitive service prices and outstanding quality workmanship.


You’d be Misinformed!

In 2003 European legislation affecting the Motor Trade came into force. Its full title is Block Exemption Regulation 1400/2002 and prior to this, it was very difficult to have any car still under warranty serviced outside of the main dealer.

Now, the EU Commission makes it clear that a customer shall not lose his warranty claims against the vehicle manufacturer if a ‘normal service’ or ‘repair work’ has been carried out by an independent specialist repair outlet.

Not only does this legislation cover the two or three years’ warranty, it also expressly covers any extended guarantees and other contractual warranties set out by the manufacturers, unless the extended warranty is set out as an insurance policy, in this case, the terms of the policy must be adhered to in full.

In short, the ruling states that all work carried out on a vehicle must be carried out by a fully trained person and they must only use original parts or parts of the same standard or a better standard. Here at JMH we only use original parts or ‘OEM’ parts. Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) parts or parts that are made by the vehicle manufacturer or an external company for the vehicle manufacturer, where we can we source the parts direct from the external company, thus cutting out the middleman and saving money without compromising on quality.

Your vehicle seller may be claiming that unless your new car is serviced by the selling outlet, that the warranty may be invalid. Click on to the button below to read the Block Exemption Regulation Rules explained by the AA – and then give us a call to take advantage of our low servicing and repair costs.

JMH is an independent specialist and is in no way affiliated to any vehicle manufacturer.

The AA - Right to Repair

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