1. I agree to maintain the vehicle at my expense and keep it in good condition and repair throughout the period that it is on loan or hire to me. The reasonable cost of repair of any damage to the vehicle during this period however caused, will be my responsibility.
  2. I will observe and check daily all water, oil and antifreeze levels.
  3. I will be responsible for all fuel, oil and other consumables during the period of time the vehicle is in my possession and I will be responsible for the cost of puncture repairs.
  4. The vehicle will only be driven by me or a driver authorised by me with the prior consent of the repairer. All drivers must have a full valid UK driving licence and be covered by fully comprehensive insurance.
  5. The vehicle will only be used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes and in addition in accordance with the terms of the insurance so as not to render the insurance void or voidable.
  6. I will not use the vehicle outside the UK.
  7. I will not sell, pledge, charge, assign, encumber or otherwise dispose of the vehicle or attempt to do so.
  8. I will not use the vehicle or permit the vehicle to be used for any unlawful purpose or otherwise contrary to law.
  9. I will give immediate notice to the repairer of any damage to the vehicle or any theft, seizure or loss of possession of the vehicle.
  10. I will pay to the repairer on demand all losses, expenses and costs including all legal or other expenses incurred by the repairer in enforcing any of the terms and conditions of this agreement.
  11. If, during the course of the loan,
    • The customer is in default of any of their obligations under this agreement,
    • The customer becomes apparently insolvent or seeks or attempts to seek relief under statute for the relief of insolvent debtors,
    • The customer abandons the vehicle or does or suffers anything whatsoever which in the repairer’s opinion would or might have the effect of jeopardising the repairer’s property in the vehicle, then the repairer may forthwith terminate this agreement.
  12. Any termination of this agreement shall be without prejudice to any right of the repairer in respect of this agreement committed by the customer prior to the date of such termination.
  13. If the customer fails to return the vehicle to the repairer upon the expiry or termination of this agreement it shall be lawful for the repairer or its servants or agents at the cost of the customer, to retake possession of the vehicle wherever it is located and to require payment of the fee under Clause 17.
  14. The vehicle shall remain the property of the repairer and the customer shall have no rights to the vehicle other than as a customer.
  15. I shall not permit or cause to be done by any manner of thing whereby the rights of the repairer are or may be prejudicially affected.
  16. I acknowledge that during the currency of this agreement and for the purposes of the Road Traffic (owner liability) Regulations 1988 and the Road Traffic Regulations Act 2000, I shall be liable as the owner of the vehicle, under the terms of this agreement for any offences committed by myself or any other persons authorised by me to drive the vehicle. This will include speeding charges, Bus Lane violations, congestion charges, toll charges and any similar charges.
  17. I will return the vehicle to the repairer within 24 hours of the repairs to my vehicle being completed unless otherwise agreed. If I do not do so, I shall pay the repairer a fee for any day or part day during which the vehicle remains unreturned.
  18. I (defined in this declaration as “I” or “the” customer) acknowledge that the vehicle is the property of the repairer and is used by me subject to the terms and conditions above. I agree that this agreement commences at the date and time overleaf.
  19. If signing on behalf of a company, firm, society, trust or unincorporated association I confirm that I have actual authority to do so and the body concerned will be bound by and observe and perform all the terms and conditions of this agreement.
  20. All business vehicles (which includes all hire or courtesy vehicles) are subject to the Smoke-Free Premises and Enforcement Regulations and if contravened individuals can face on the spot fines, which can be substantial if brought to Court.

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